Beginner's Guide to Anime

Beginner's Guide to Anime

My anime journey started when I was younger watching animes such as Gundam Wing, Yu Yu Hakusho, Dragonball Z, Inuyasha, and a couple more. Over the years of growing up though my anime journey slowly came to a halt. Sports, girls, friends, and other teenage lifestyles took of my life and I did not have the time to watch any animes. 


Flash forward to present day, here I find myself re-kindling that love for animes I once had. It all started with the re-boot of Dragonball Z with the new series of Dragonball Z Super. I found myself watching subbed anime without even thinking of it since I was watching the episodes on YouTube every Saturday night once it was released in the U.S.  Which also helped me starting to watch animes again was my younger brothers. Three of my younger brothers all watched animes on a daily basis and talked about them like it was the bible. Me, personally, had no clue what they were talking about but in order to have conversations with them, I knew I had to start watching some of them. 


Good thing for me, I had someone in mind to help me pick some to watch with my siblings that were age appropriate. Insert Henry, or as you might know him better as Juciyoppa. I talked to Henry over the past in which animes to start watching with him and his first recommendation was Demon Slayer. All four of us started watching that every Saturday afternoon for hours till we finished the season within a month so we can watch the movie when it was released. Side note, yes we did all go together and loved it. 


Now with little over 6 months, I am able to pick out my own animes which I am able to binge on my own and not only talk to my siblings about but now the anime community itself and hold my own. What I learned is that, some anime that are highly rated, might not be the anime for you. Personally, Attach on Titan, I did not care for and watched the first two seasons and finally gave up. But other animes like Black Clover, I was able to finish the season in less then three weeks. My suggestion to anyone who wants to start to watch anime would be to start with what you love in movies / other TV shows. I am a big fan of action / comedy which is why I was able to finish seasons My Hero Acamdia, Demon Slayer, Black Clover, and JJK relatively quick. Once you find what you like, you are able to venture off into other categories. My personal example is The raising of the Shield Hero which then led me to watching Re-Zero. From Re-zero I started watching Domestic Girlfriend. I went from action to iseki then to romance without even realizing it. 


It is hard for me to say which anime I would give someone to first watch without knowing what they watch to begin with. My best advice would be to ask someone you know, which is their favorites and ask what kind it is. My personal recommendations would be all the ones I mentioned above and go from there. What I might not score high, you might love, which is all good but which is why I personally started loving anime again due to all the different genres, plots, and characters.


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