Anime Spotlight of the Week

Anime Spotlight of the Week

JuicyOppa’s Spring Romance Anime: 


Higehiro: After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took in a High School Runaway

I cannot express, how much I love this anime. This is a story about my dude, Yoshida. He’s a 26-year-old regular salaryman working in Japan who has just been rejected by this girl he’s been crushing on for some time now. After being rejected, he gets drunk with his pal and then walks home. Along the way he finds a 17-year-old runaway named Sayu Ogiwara. He strikes up a conversation with her and in a way lecturing how she shouldn’t be alone at night during that time and to get home. Being a runaway, she has nowhere to go and straight up offers to sleep with Yoshida in order to stay at his house. 

Now here’s the good part, MY DUDE DECLINED AND STILL HELPED HER. MY DUDE’S GOT VALUES AND PRINCIPLES BRUH. He in good conscious could not leave her by herself and also sensing that she’s been running away from something. He does the moral thing and allows her to stay at his house in exchange to do chores around the house. With Yoshida, he wants to beat common sense into Sayu and to teach her about self-respect and what it takes to be an adult. 

I love this anime for so many reasons. One of those reasons being that the MC is such a good dude. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know much about this anime until I saw the first episode and after that, I immediately went straight to the manga and read it all the way through to the latest chapter. And I can tell you first hand, this man has my upmost respect. He genuinely cares about Sayu’s wellbeing and wants to help her fix whatever it is that she’s running away from.



 Now some of you out there may have a problem with age-gap romcoms but I’ll tell you why I’m not against it. And I always bring up the example with my family, I have a cousin who started dating someone who was 24 and she was 17. They’ve been together ever since and they’re engaged. Love like that can actually exist. I bet some of you have parents who are 6-7 years apart. They fell in love and it was honest and genuine. 



With how this anime is going, Yoshida is not attracted to Sayu and refuses to have sex with someone he doesn’t love. I’m sure this ship will eventually head in the direction of my dude catching feelings and those feelings are already expressed by Sayu to Yoshida. It’s part of the reason I’m watching this closely and reading the manga. This is such a respectable MC who’s been paired with the very charming and loveable Sayu. Their chemistry on the screen is great, and with each episode, I’m left with wanting to know more and more of Sayu’s past and I want to see Yoshida help her along the way.


See y’all weebs next week. 



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