Sub vs. Dub?

Sub vs. Dub?

Sub vs. Dub is arguably one of the biggest debates in anime history. There are pros and cons to each, and they are all relative to what a person is doing.

Let me break down some basic definitions so you understand first. Subbed anime is when the anime is in the native language (Japanese in most cases) and there are English or (any other language you follow) with subtitles so you can still watch and understand what is being said.

Dubbed anime is when the native language is taken away and the replacement language is what you hear, and there are no subtitles.

Now, people will argue that subbed anime is better since Japanese voice actors are better at expressing the characters and are livelier. People also say subbed anime is better since it is just the original, and nothing can beat that. Have you ever tried to do something while watching subbed anime though? Say you have an assignment, or you are doing house errands and you have to look over every second to read the subtitles.

I think in cases like the aforesaid, dubbed anime is convenient. Obviously, it also plays a part in terms of people who might want to watch the anime but cannot do so with subbed anime due to disability. Of course, there are some dubbed anime that may not sound as good in dubbed, but I think there are some anime that do a beautiful job of it.

Two examples I like to give are My Hero Academia and Fruits Basket. I think both of these anime do a great job with dubbed adaptations.

At the end of the day, we all love anime and there should not be such a dividing debate. Watch what you want to watch, however you would like to watch it.

Is there an anime that you prefer to watch in subbed or dubbed?

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